Car Definitions

What does Wheelbase mean?

The distance between the center of the front and rear wheels on any vehicle.

What does Power Windows mean?

Power windows or electric windows are automobile windows which can be raised and lowered by pressing a button or switch, as opposed to using a crank handle.

What does DVD Player mean?

A feature found is most high-end vehicles that allows occupants to play a DVD and watch it via a central screen or through monitors embedded into the headrests.

What does Autonomous Vehicle mean?

A vehicle that can operate without any input from the driver. This generally includes turning, accelerating, and braking without the need for a driver at the wheel.

What does Regenerative Braking mean?

A system employed in hybrid and battery electric vehicles that captures energy created during braking/deceleration and transfers it to the onboard battery. Energy stored in this battery is then used to power the vehicle at slow speeds reducing its reliance on the engine and making it more fuel efficient.