Car Definitions

What does Privacy Glass mean?

A vehicle window that has been fitted with a factory-installed tint, adding privacy and preventing those outside from looking into the vehicle.

What does Downforce mean?

A downwards force created by the aerodynamic properties of a vehicle. The purpose of downforce is to allow a car to travel faster through a corner by creating more grip.

What does Self-levelling Headlights mean?

A system that uses a number of sensors to calculate load within the vehicle and automatically adjust the direction of the headlamps. This ensures the vehicle's headlamps are always in their optimal position and not pointing upwards into the sky or dipped downwards limiting visibility.

What does Off-Road Dampers mean?

Also known as shock absorbers, off-road dampers are shock absorbers that are designed and built specifically to tackle harsher terrain and higher speeds. They tend to allow greater flex of the wheels while providing longer wheel travel for improved stability.

What does Legroom mean?

The amount of space available in front of an occupants' legs when seated in a vehicle.