Car Definitions

What does Attention Assist mean?

A system that recognizes when drivers are drowsy or inattentive and encourages them to take a break from the wheel.

What does Heated/Cooled Seats mean?

Seats that use perforations in the upholstery that release cool air from one or more fans to mitigate the effects of heat from the fabric or leather on the passenger's body.

What does Hybrid mean?

A vehicle that combines the use of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Hybrids are known to be more powerful and more fuel efficient than traditional automobiles.

What does ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) mean?

Adaptive Cruise Control is a form of cruise control that automatically (without any driver input) brakes and accelerates to match the flow of traffic. Some ACC systems can even come to a complete stop and accelerate from a standstill.

What does Bluetooth mean?

A short-range wireless communication technology that helps transmit information between electronic devices