Car Definitions

What does Load Height mean?

The minimum height to which an item must be lifted in order to be loaded into a vehicle's trunk. Vehicles with a lower load height are believed to be more practical.

What does Downforce mean?

A downwards force created by the aerodynamic properties of a vehicle. The purpose of downforce is to allow a car to travel faster through a corner by creating more grip.

What does Privacy Glass mean?

A vehicle window that has been fitted with a factory-installed tint, adding privacy and preventing those outside from looking into the vehicle.

What does Racing Or Bucket Seats mean?

In its simplest form, a racing or bucket seat is a seat that has big bolsters to support the body in high-performance automobiles.

What does Supercharger mean?

A device that increases the pressure, temperature and density of air supplied to an engine, resulting in greater fuel flow and significantly more power.