Car Definitions

What does Off Road KIt mean?

A combination of off-road driving aids such as Hill Descent Control, Electronic Locking Differentials, and dedicated off-road drive modes is known as an off-road kit.

What does Heel-and-Toe mean?

An advanced driving technique that is used when handling a manual transmission vehicle.

What does DVD Player mean?

A feature found is most high-end vehicles that allows occupants to play a DVD and watch it via a central screen or through monitors embedded into the headrests.

What does OBD (On-board Diagnostics) mean?

An industry-standard port usually found near the steering column that is used to connect diagnostic equipment and read error codes through a car’s on-board computer.

What does Departure Angle mean?

The steepest angle from which a vehicle can be driven onto a levelled path without the vehicle's rear overhang making contact.