BMW 2019 Overview

A strong rival to brands such as Audi, Mercedes Benz and Lexus, BMW is a German auto producer that is known for models such as the 3 Series, 4 Series, 7 Series. Offering 29 models covering fifty-nine versions, choice for Bahraini buyers is plentiful . Commanding a sizeable sum of BHD 12,500, the BMW 1 Series is the marque's most economical model in the model line-up. A part of the BMW Motor Company Group, BMW is one that has been in existence and whose fan base has grown considerably since 1916. Mentioned below are detailed prices, specifications, and features of all BMW vehicles sold in Bahrain.

All BMW Models

BMW i8 2018

From BHD 80,000

BMW X1 2018

From BHD 15,400

BMW X3 2018

From BHD 20,500

BMW X4 2018

From BHD 27,000

BMW X5 2018

From BHD 35,000

BMW X5 M 2018

From BHD 60,000

BMW X6 2018

From BHD 37,000

BMW X6 M 2018

From BHD 61,000

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