Challenger Hellcat Limited To 1200 Units?

Sad news for Hellcat lovers; Edmunds reports that the new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat could be limited to 1200 production units only. This information was leaked by a Chrysler Group person who wished to remain unidentified. The manufacturer has yet to confirm the news but it is not something surprising and unexpected. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


- Exclusivity

- Car gets extra special elusive quality

- Spend more time in manufacturing one unit

- Dealers can charge a bomb on delivery

- Benchmark for new Challenger


- Potentially unsatisfied customers who don't get to buy the car

- Final retail price can be higher than expected

In short, this 707 BHP producing monster is a complete win for the dealers and is surely to become an instant hit. The few lucky customers will get to drive the fastest muscle car ever built. The quarter-mile run in 11.2 seconds is faster than Ferrari Enzo and Nissan GT-R Track pack – a record worth bragging. The retail price is expected to be $60,990 including delivery and tax.

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