Top 3 Sports Sedans sold in the UAE

Perfomance Sedan

Juggling luxury and sportiness is never an easy task, yet the Audi S6, BMW M3, and Mercedes-Benz E63 make it look all so easy. For those who don’t want to sacrifice their love for speed, yet want to be encompassed in the finest of leathers while doing so, the German trio has a lot to offer.

Audi S6

Audi S6 2018

The executive-class, 4-door Audi S6 is the one you need to drive to those powerful business meetings. It’s always a delight to arrive in style rich interiors, elegant exterior design, and innovative technology. The 7-speed automatic transmission and 4.0L V8 engine offers cylindrical deactivation for efficient fuel economy. The adaptive air suspension and all-wheel drive aid in harnessing the powerful engine’s grunt.

Engine: 4.0L / V8

Power: 450 HP / 550 NM

Top Speed: 250 Km/h

Price: AED 313,800

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BMW M3 2018 Front

High performance and streamlined, elegant looks are the trademark of German car manufacturer BMW’s cars, and the BMW M3 is no different. The sport sedan’s turbocharged engine provides you with ferocious acceleration. Even if you cruise at high speeds, its braking is excellent, and you can stop without having to worry about the vehicle behind you. The BMW M3 Sedan handles like a proper hoot and you can expect a superior driving experience on the road.

Engine: 3.0L / V6

Power: 431 HP / 550 NM

Top Speed: 250 Km/h

Price: AED 402,500

Mercedes-Benz E63

Mercedes Benz E63

You can easily find this German 4-door mid-size luxury sedan on the city’s streets. This sports sedan is an easy choice for individuals looking for a sedan that can give them exceptional speeds, a comfortable interior, and patrician exteriors. Larger and heavier than its predecessors, the E63 is astoundingly fast. Moreover, the electronic driving aids can help keep you on the right track. If you want a luxury car that has a relatively affordable price tag, the Mercedes-Benz E63 is right for you.

Engine: 4.0L / V8

Power: 612 HP / 850 NM

Top Speed: 250 Km/h

Price: AED 415,000

Of the elegant bunch, the winner is the Mercedes-Benz E63. Its low-slung elegant looks are all you need to go to your desired destination, whether it be a business meeting or a casual lunch. It’s a proper performance sedan in every way possible.

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Top 3 Sports Sedans sold in the UAE
Top 3 Sports Sedans sold in the UAE
Top 3 Sports Sedans sold in the UAE

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