Top 3 Road Trip Vehicles

 Maybach S600 2017 front side

Road trips are notorious for being tedious and for exacting a toll on the human body (due to having to sit upright for hours on end), but they can provide opportunities for bonding between family members and friends and for exploring the countryside from the relative safety of a moving vehicle. Thus, you will need a vehicle that will not only take you where you want to go but is also capable of making a pleasant and even enjoyable experience out of an otherwise boring activity.

Are you looking around for such a vehicle? Here’s a brief overview of the top 3 road trip vehicles available today to UAE residents.

Maybach S600 2017 front right side

Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach 2017

This rather big sedan possesses the sleek, elegant look that is a hallmark of the S-Class series. However, it is surprisingly rugged enough like an SUV to take on the challenging road conditions that characterize long drives across the Emirates. If you want to make heads turn as you and your family cruise along on the open road, the S600 Maybach is your ride of choice.


Engine: 6.0 L V12 RWD

Power: 530 hp/830 Nm

Top speed: 250 km/h

Price: AED 790,000


Range Rover Sport 2017 front right side

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2017

Comfort and fuel efficiency combine in a nifty package in the form of the Range Rover Sport. This gives families and group travelers a pleasurable experience on long drives that bring them across the varying landscapes of the UAE. The boxy look typical of the Land Rover family gives occupants an assurance of toughness and safety (at least more than the impression given off by its closest rival, the Porsche Cayenne) during road trips, and the Range Rover Sport offers those same qualities and more.


Engine: 3.0 L V6 AWD

Power: 340 hp/450 Nm

Top speed: 210 km/h

Price: AED 629,000


Ford Explorer 2017 front right side

Ford Explorer 2017

Despite its ‘beefed-up police car’ look, the Ford Explorer seems to have been built with the promise of an exciting and comfortable ride regardless of the terrain. Specifically, the Explorer is equally capable both in narrow city streets and on the open highway, giving families a highly versatile cruiser that is not limited to use only on long drives.


Engine: 4.0 L V6 AWD

Power: 290 hp/346 Nm

Top speed: 173 km/h

Price: AED 155,000



 Range Rover Sport 2017 side view

The Range Rover Sport tops all others in the road trip vehicle category. Although neither as gorgeous as the S600 Maybach nor as versatile as the Explorer, its increased safety, comfort, and convenience are qualities that customers look for in a family/group cruiser that can easily take them across vast distances over land.

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Top 3 Road Trip Vehicles
Top 3 Road Trip Vehicles
Top 3 Road Trip Vehicles
Top 3 Road Trip Vehicles
Top 3 Road Trip Vehicles

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