Smart Meters Now Installed In Ajman Taxis

Smart Taxi meters Ajman

The Ajman Public Transportation Authority (APTA) has announced the completion of installing smart meters in 85% of taxis with the entire fleet set for completion before the end of the year. This move has been brought up to enhance customer satisfaction of public transport users in the emirate.

Sarah Ahmed Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Transport Corporation and Acting Licenses at APTA, said “Smart meters have optical sensors; they can monitor the speed of private taxis and are also equipped with updated maps and enable simpler payment and safety mechanisms for passengers.”

The smart meters will help track all private taxi operators in the emirate of Ajman, ensuring the safety of passengers and that the highest of standards are being followed. The digital transformation drive contributes to the abolition of cash payments and further enhances the use of Masar and electronic payment methods.

With the smart meters being connected to the internet and updated in real-time, it has become easier for APTA’s Control Centre to keep in touch with private taxi drivers. Not to mention, this also greatly helps any emergency situation and lost items on a private taxi can be found easily because of the tracking system via the Fleet Traffic Record.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the new smart meters greatly reduce contact between drivers and passengers as rides can be booked on the “Route” mobile app and digital receipts can be directly accessed on customers’ mobile phones.

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