Renault Dokker available in the UAE to order


There’s an umpteen variety of businesses today having multifaceted logistic requirements. These require vehicles that are not just enormous in size, but offer a great bandwidth of spacing options and convenience features that make hauling in the luggage or the cargo, a not so Sisyphean task and ensure easy delivery without one having to indulge into manual labour and perfunctorily get acquainted to the rigours of transporting goods. When we fathom such vehicles, one of the examples which could strike is the Renault Dokker Van, a purpose-built, commendable and highly flexible van which bears the onus of transporting goods while ensuring safety and convenience galore as part of the package.

It’s available in the UAE with a typical cab-forward design for a more appealing fascia and so that one wouldn’t verboten it while arriving at parties or creating impression at places replete with aristocrats.


At the tip of the iceberg, its utilitarian approach to style is evident. The front seems to have been derived from its more opulent sibling, the Lodgy but no quibbles for that. The abuse-friendly bumper would help it in situations of minor clash with vehicles ahead of it. To add a sprinkle of pizzazz at the front, there is slab of chrome atop the grille and chrome elements for the remainder grille portion. The protective headlights are likely to offer a decent amount of visibility even during hazy situations. The first thing to take notice of on the side is the high shoulder-line to accentuate its dimensions and cladding that steadfastly absorbs a generous amount of impact in case of a collision. 

Its interior has been ergonomically executed to provide a sense of space and gadgets that are within easy reach. A minimalistic interior layout is present so that the driver doesn’t feel daunted and can comfortably access the features and switchgear in emergencies as well. 

7” touchscreen infotainment system can be used which provides satellite navigation and even Bird’s eye view of the surroundings. Other bells and whistles comprise steering-mounted controls, Bluetooth® USB and jack ports. More than the tech, it is the thoughtfulness with which the cargo area has been designed to accommodate all of 750kg. There are partitions and lashing rings to for a commodious cargo area to stow any type of moderately sized equipment and boxes. Sliding doors on the sides comes as manna from heaven when parking in narrow parking spaces. The loading threshold is much lower for conveniently stacking up items. The front seat can also tumble forward to liberate additional space. 

In addition to these, it flanks other nifty features such as speed limiter on the move, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and dual airbags to stymie the impact of an accident. ESC keeps drifting at bay and restricts swaying motion of the car on slippery surfaces. ABS helps maintain traction on the road and restricts wheels from locking up under hard braking so that the car can manoeuvre to change its course and avoid a mishap. 

The Dokker van comes across as a rounded proposition to suit all needs a person would ever want to get fulfilled. Its scores high marks on safety, equipment and utility which is why it continuous to shine even with the debut of formidable contention and comes across as a value-for-money proposition. 


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