CAFU introduces revolutionary car wash service in Abu Dhabi

CAFU SuperWash

Dubai-born, technology-enabled car service CAFU brings its latest offering - SuperShine car wash to Abu Dhabi, following a successful launch in Dubai. Residents across the capital can experience the on-demand car wash service that offers exterior and interior cleaning, which provides noticeably more shine and longer-lasting finish while killing viruses and bacteria.

"Our customers are guaranteed convenience, ease-of-use, and superior product quality across our range of simpler, smarter services, including the CAFU SuperShineTM car wash recently launched in Abu Dhabi. What is particularly helpful as we navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, apart from the fact that our services are on-demand and contactless, is the antibacterial solution we use for interior cleaning which gets rid of viruses and bacteria providing our customers with added peace of mind," said Antonio Al Asmar, General Manager of CAFU.

The CAFU SuperShine Exterior wash is priced at AED 40 and includes a three-step waterless process to remove extensive dirt and dust, using a high-quality clay bar and car wax to provide a visibly superior shine and gleam to the vehicle that lasts for weeks. The CAFU SuperShine Exterior and Interior cleaning is priced at AED 55, provides the same process but with the added benefit of a multipurpose antibacterial solution for the interior, that leaves the car virus-free and kills 99.9% bacteria.


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