Benefits of Virtual Auto Show Platforms
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Benefits of Virtual Auto Show Platforms
ByHira Yousef
January 24,2023
4 min read

What comes to your mind when you think about virtual auto shows? Virtual auto shows not only help with branding and promotions; these events also help you reach a worldwide audience, increase interaction, and monetize participation. Agents may have real-time chats, upload listings, and market their services.


Exhibitors and attendees network and engage with one another using live chat options on a virtual platform. As a result, when switching from an in-person to a virtual auto show, the level of interactivity remains unaffected – or could potentially increase! Not to mention the unrivalled benefits of receiving thorough information on the success of your event. Key statistics include registrations, attendees, footfall on various portions of your virtual auto show, and so on.


Let's dig deep into some of the top benefits of virtual auto shows. 


Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Auto Shows


Environmentally Friendly

While travelling can be incredibly time-consuming and costly, it also has negative environmental consequences. Virtual auto shows are available anytime and from any location, removing the need to travel from a certain place to attend the event. Therefore, you may lessen the harmful impact of travel on global warming by staging a virtual auto show.

Access to New Markets

Virtual auto shows allow companies to market to audiences beyond their immediate location. Since virtual events have a global reach, potential customers worldwide can join in and access information regarding any vehicle. As a result, companies could host a show that reaches across the country or even across borders, thereby increasing their potential customer base.

Networking and Engagement

Networking at a virtual auto show allows the sales rep to meet potential customers and leads. Attendees can also chat with each other to make connections. Individual (text, audio, or video) conversations can take place in real-time with a worldwide audience, whether in a group chat room where users can connect with one other and the exhibitors to become a part of pertinent debates.

Easily Accessible Information

Every booth at a virtual auto show may control and exchange content such as photographs, presentations, or films, which you can download later. As a result, attendees can easily find prices, models, brands, and other information in one spot. This can also help customers compare similar options, supporting their purchase decision.

On-the-Spot Orders

Since attendees have all accessible options and information under one roof, some may have decided by the time the event is through. To expedite the process, attendees can start their online orders at the event, and exhibitors can extract their information for further processing in real-time.


Best Virtual Auto Show Platforms


The vFairs virtual auto show platform provides the necessary tools for showcasing your latest auto models to a global audience. It offers a 3D environment that simulates a real-world experience. You can create personalized booths to promote your cars, add custom graphics and information, links to social media and product pages, and choose from various virtual avatars.


You can also construct a personalized landing page and virtual venue highlighting your vehicle. Furthermore, vFairs allows participants and sales professionals to communicate by text, audio, or video chat. 


FairVi offers an engaging platform to reach a global audience during your virtual auto show. The virtual 3D booth allows the attendees to interact, engage and browse about exhibitors. In addition, FairVi offers a hassle-free virtual experience where you can brand your vehicles seamlessly!


Exhibitors and attendees can also share their information securely. Moreover, FairVi offers a live analytics dashboard that helps you with post-event analysis. 


Dreamcast is another virtual auto show platform that helps you show the most recent vehicles to consumers and dealerships worldwide via a configurable virtual platform. Dreamcast offers branded booths so you can exhibit your vehicles globally. The virtual auto show platform is jam-packed with features such as dynamic designs, exhibit booths, social walls, gamification, picture booths, and so on.

Concluding Thoughts

Where do you begin now that you understand the advantages of a virtual auto show? Do you want to know how to get your virtual auto show started and make it a success? Begin by identifying who you will speak with, including decision-makers and target audiences. Following that, conduct extensive research to choose the best virtual auto show platform. Finally, compare them to find which one best meets your requirements. 


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