An overview of the all electric 2020 Mercedes Benz EQV

Mercedes Benz EQV

While many buyers continue to throng showroom floors looking for their next crossover/SUV purchase, the market hasn’t exactly dried up for those who seek something a little more practical yet posh. Minivans were once a staple of any large family that was looking for a mode of practical, user-friendly and comfortable personal transport -- though things changed quite a bit with the advent of the large crossover SUV. However, with the future of automobiles looking increasingly electrified and with certain buyers still hunting for the next best minivan, Mercedes-Benz seems to have found their niche.

The German luxury automaker recently introduced their brand-new 2020 EQV minivan at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. The Mercedes-Benz EQV is a member of the marque’s all-new EQ series of electrified luxury offerings, which already has a few models out by now. The latest one to join this all-electric line-up is the EQV premium minivan. Upon launch, it will find itself alongside the already existent V-Class in the brand’s van range of models; after all, the 2020 EQV is based on the V-Class.


Some carmakers go to extreme lengths to make the all-electric variants of their regular cars stand out. However, as you can see, that isn’t necessarily the case here with the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQV. As it is based on the pretty normal yet modern-looking V-Class, the EQV’s design aesthetics remain pretty standard and familiar, too. There are no ultra-fancy lines or styling cues to blow you away, though that was the same case with the recently revised V-Class as well. Of course, keen-eyed folks will notice the cut-out on the front bumper for the EQV’s charging port.

The EQV’s stance hasn’t been altered either, it looks almost identical to the standard V-Class in almost every respect. Of course, this also means that the upcoming EQV retains the not-so-loved van-like form factor of its fossil-fueled sibling. Some of the most appealing design elements of the Mercedes-Benz EQV include its sophisticated LED headlamps with stylish LED daytime-running lamps, large chrome front grille, sculpted bumper with chrome trimmings and a muscular hood. On the sides, there are ‘EQV’ badges above the front fenders and also EQV-specific 18-inch alloy wheels.

Meanwhile, the rear of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQV looks similar to the regular V-Class, with its vertically-stacked LED tail lamps, large rear window/tailgate and a flat façade. The only difference here is the lack of a tailpipe and the inclusion of the ‘EQV’ branding. The 2020 EQV is just as large as the standard V-Class too, measuring 5.370 meters in length and boasting a solid 3.430-meter long wheelbase for maximum interior space.


Mercedes Benz EQV

As expected, the cabin of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQV is quite palatial, especially in regards to the space that it has on offer. The EQV’s interior can seat up to a maximum of eight people, though the flexibility and configurability of the seats means that you have the option to carry just six. Moreover, the middle row can be arranged in two different ways - they can either face forward, or can be arranged to face those seated in the last row. The huge, powered sliding doors make easy work of alighting and leaving the EQV, whilst the large windows let in enough light in all three rows.

The design up front is a thoroughly modern affair, with gentle and swooping lines that are mixed with contrasting trim textures and colors. There’s no dearth of space here, and the quality of the materials and build are quite fantastic. The 2020 EQV also brings several new technologies with it, including the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen, intelligent voice command, ECO Assistant, full-leather upholstery, adaptive LED headlamps, and multi-zone automatic climate control to name a few.

Engine and performance

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQV comes with a 90 kWh battery pack with a claimed maximum range of 405 km. Power is provided by a single 150 kW (204hp) electric motor that’s mounted on the front axle that also serves up 362Nm of torque. Tipping the scales at 3.5 tons, don’t expect the EQV to dart towards the horizon every time you prod the throttle. However, this fully-electric van is capable of achieving a top speed of about 160 km/h.


Mercedes Benz EQV

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQV is set to go on sale in select international markets by the end of this year or early next year. While minivans aren’t the most popular bunch here in the Gulf, the EQV could surely entice premium car buyers to the showrooms unlike ever before.

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